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Walk Australia

Lose weight easy, improve mental health and get results, Walk Australia is the easiest, non gimmick, proven weight loss results and irrefutable life changing health benefits. Its a program so strong that you will see and feel results, or it gives you your money back.

We are now sharing this program to benefit all of Australia and we are getting you to simply Walk (not even far) back to great health.

Monitored by QLD Health and Kalwan Indigenous Health and TESTED for result on Australian Business Projects Chairman Jason McMillan (weighing in at 106kg) we  took him down to 84kgs and we did it with ease. 


Walk Australia has been designed for everybody.  It is especially designed to take all the hyped B.S promises customers get in return for their money..... for so called "easy" weight loss.

We've studied broken down all the repetitive failures of weight loss, we've turned patient zero around after 28 years of bad health and we have done it with ease.

Walk delivers far more enjoyable weight loss and good health freedom.  It lets you make life time changes (as you want to make them) with proven result. 


There is no gym or Jenny Craig or personal trainer as easy or effective and unless you particularly love for going to a gym.... Walk caters for everyone else.

Walk gives you unprecedented freedoms that have NEVER be recognised in weight loss before... Walk gives you choice, it gives you control but most of all....... it provides irrefutable results and EASE of weight loss that just cannot be denied.

Its that simple.  So if you have legs you simply choose your preferred Walk...  From beginner, to intermediate to advanced you choose ANY category of Walk that best suits you and YOU can change it around whenever you want.

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Walk makes it easy... its socially enjoyable and it gives you just the perfect amount of support you need.  How we do it works.. and it also caters for people with special needs too.

AND...Walk is not a hyped health program or a gym sales program of false promises of a new "broker" you.  Instead it's been deliberately made affordable for everyone and it is also UNLIMITED at only $10 a week. 

With NO lock in contracts, you DESIGN your own personalised Walk program which you can join, quit, pause or hold where ever and whenever you want.


There is no pressure AND there is no failure and that's why the Walk - Australia program works so well.

So get off your backside Australia, stop making excuses and getting brain washed by sales people selling BS promises of six packs, miracle shakes and gym memberships you never go to.  

Walk has eradicated failure after failure after failure of 1000's of weight loss programs. 

Walk is about so much more than weight loss, Walk gets you back in good physical and mental health and Walk has irrefutably delivered where every other program has failed.

Lose weight and get results

To get started is easy....
Register for free at walkaustralia.com.au/register and get ready for Walk...  It's about to change your life!

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