Learn about Walk

Learn about Walk

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Walk for you

Walk is the simplest for of weight loss of all. If you are sick of all the hyped BS promises of FAILED six packs, miracle shakes and gym memberships....  Walk is just perfect for you.

Don't stop anything (until) you want to stop and somehow our Walk Project it just stops when YOU are ready for it to stop. It caught patient zero by surprise, he brags about drinking beer and smoking pot, eating McDonalds and pizza so if you more disciplined then him, you 'll do fine.

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Walk - YOUR guarantee to weight loss or YOUR money back

Although Walk is not expensive.... if its not for you or you're not seeing the results you wanted we'll give you your money back because Walk has been designed to meet YOUR requirements..... not the gym's or Jenny Craig's.

At $10 per week its acutally cheaper then almost everything nowadays but is it cheap enough for your health.. you bet it is. Watch what happens when you join you'll feel better straight away and you have not even Walked yet.

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Patient Zero Immediate Results

ABP checked patient zero into Queensland Health for an official doctor's appointment March 8th, 2020.  After 28 years of attempted weight loss his weight was recorded as 104.6kg.  As of the 28th August 2020 his weight is recorded as 84.2kg (a total loss of 22kg) and all health vitals back to perfect range.   He achieved this via the Walk program over 4 month period walking on average no more then 2.1 times per week while eating McDonald's, drinking beer and enjoying all the weight loss freedoms in the world.

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About Walk and
How it can help you

Walk.. is not just about weight loss it is ticking ALL the boxes for good physical and mental health.  It assists you correct ALL types of medical conditions like diabetes and arthritis, its beating heart disease and even depression.  Walk is that is so easy... you just can't fail and you don't even need to walk far to lose a lot of weight and gain all these benefits.


Walk - Australia Burleigh Heads

The first Walk Australia at Burleigh Heads is now for sale..  and it comes with an a punch with over $300,000 of FREE advertising for the lucky new operators all your business advertising and a guaranteed delivery of customers for your first 3 years.

If you can find a better business opportunity than this good luck, but is it a business for you.   Find out more...

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Walk - coming to over 100 NEW LOCATIONS near you 

Walk - Australia is launching over 100 exciting locations for 2021 from Burleigh Heads, Queensland and all the way to all cities and states of Australia and regional towns like Batemans Bay following the devastating bushfires and Corona outbreak.

So register for FREE Australia, Walk is coming to a town near you.

Lose weight and get

To get started is easy....
Register for free at walkaustralia.com.au/register and get ready for Walk...  It's about to change your life!

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